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President, JAHEE
                       Kaoru Horiuchi


In 1947, home economics was included in Japanese school curriculum, to nurture the growth and development of democratic and peaceful citizens. The Japan Association of Home Economics Education (JAHEE) was established in 1956 to improve studies and research on home economics. Currently, the association’s membership is 885, most of whom are researchers and teachers in home economics.

The JAHEE carries out following activities:

  • Journal of the Japan Association of Home Economics Education: four times a year in Japanese, with English abstracts
  • An annual congress in summer (symposia on current topics, research presentations: oral/poster, lesson study workshops)
  • A regular conference in winter (symposium and/or lecture, research presentations: oral)
  • Workshops in spring
  • Publication (research, studies on curriculums and lessen studies)

In Japan, home economics education is a mandatory subject taught from the fifth grade (elementary school) to the tenth and/or eleventh grade (senior high school).The subject aims to increase students’ ability to manage healthy and sustainable lives and nurture their problem solving and critical thinking literacy to ensure their well-being at home, in the community, and within the society. The learning contents hold holistic perspectives regarding personal and family life; this includes life planning, family relations, partnerships, child development, elderly issues, food, clothing, shelter, economy, environment, and consumer citizenship.

Our association and members sincerely wish to collaborate positively with the professionals and other like-minded organizations worldwide to discuss and promote home economics curriculum studies and create global awareness on the importance of studying the subject.

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